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Technology has made us all much more self-sufficient. With help from the internet, we can do many things that we never dreamed of, we can make our own medical diagnoses, bank online, and book international travel all from the comfort of our home. There are still some things however, that are best left to professionals. Defending yourself against a DUI charge is one of those things that you should never try to do all on your own.

If you are arrested for DUI in Henry County, you may look to the Internet to find information and advice concerning your case. While this can provide some good insight, you should not attempt to represent yourself in court. Instead, you should contact Lawson and Berry right away. They will provide you with an experienced DUI attorney in Henry County, Georgia who will review your case and work with you to develop the best for your specific case.

Court systems vary from place to place and each has its own way of doing things. This is why it is so important that you recruit a good attorney who knows the ins and outs of Henry County DUI defense. They will be able to help you every step of the way to build your best DUI defense.

Some examples of common DUI legal defenses are as follows:

1. Did the officer have reasonable suspicion to pull over the vehicle?

2. If there was a roadblock, did the police officers follow the Constitutionally accepted procedures such as:

a. Did they have a legitimate purpose for stopping cars other than general law enforcement?

b. Did they stop every vehicle?

c. Was the roadblock marked properly?

d. Was the checkpoint and its legitimate purpose approved by a police supervisor?

e. Was the detention brief and for a legal purpose?

3. Is there any evidence of possible racial profiling?

4. Were the field sobriety tests administered given in a manner consistent with proper police training?

5. Was the driver properly advised of his/her implied consent rights and were all questions answered by police?

6. Did the arresting officer say or do anything inconsistent with your implied consent rights?

7. If applicable, was there probable cause to search the driver's vehicle?

8. After the arrest, did the police inform the driver of his/her Miranda rights including the right to remain silent (5th Amendment)?

9. Did the officer have probable cause to make the DUI arrest?

10. If one was given, was the breath test machine in good working order and was it administered correctly?

11. If a blood test was taken, is there any chance that he sample could have been switched or tampered with?

12. If a urine test was given, was there a proper chain of custody followed or is there any chance the sample could have been switched or tainted?

13. If a blood or urine test is positive for prescription drugs, were the drug levels within the therapeutic or the abusive range?

14. Was the driver informed of his/her right to an independent breath, blood, or urine test?

15. Was the police officer properly trained in how to make arrests for DUI?

16. Did any of the officers involved have disciplinary records?

17. If the blood or urine test was positive for marijuana metabolites, could the metabolites (active or inactive THC) have actually had an impact on the driving itself?

18. In cases where there was a collision with another vehicle, was the other driver at fault?

19. If cases where there was an accident, could the driver have appeared impaired because of injury or disassociation from the accident and not from a substance?

20. Was there an accident that caused the airbag to deploy and cause the driver to appear dazed and confused?

These methods are just a small fraction of the numerous DUI defenses the attorneys at Lawson and Berry use to get their clients' charges reduced. In some cases a good defense can even be used to reduce evidence to the point of case dismissal. There is only one way to know for sure exactly what they can do for you so contact Lawson and Berry right away.

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