Possession of Marijuana in Henry County

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Although the relationship between marijuana use and driving impairment has not yet been proven, there are still serious penalties for those who are caught in possession of marijuana while driving. Even if you are not driving a vehicle, if you are caught with marijuana you may lose your driver's license. If you have been arrested for DUI with marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia, it is critical to act quickly even of you have already had your license suspended due to a possession of marijuana. It is important to get a lawyer who is experienced in Henry County marijuana cases. Your lawyer will be able to inform you of important information such as how and when you can expect to get your license back. Your license will not automatically be returned to you after a given amount of time. You may need to attend an approved “risk reduction” program designed for drug users and possibly fulfill other requirements before you can have your license back. Your lawyer will help minimize these requirements and keep you informed of what you need to do at every step. If you are facing a situation such as this, contact Lawson and Berry for a lawyer with a history of success in marijuana possession cases. In many cases, our attorneys can help keep a marijuana possession charge off of your record. Henry County law enforcement officers arrest students and citizens for possession of marijuana on a regular basis. If there is less than an ounce of marijuana, it is generally a misdemeanor charge. If it is more than an ounce of marijuana, it is a felony charge handled in the Henry County Superior Court. Even a very small, trace amount can be enough to constitute the charge of possession of marijuana. A conviction for possession of marijuana will stay on your record forever and is not able to be restricted from your record. For these reasons, talking to an Henry County marijuana lawyer is important as soon as practicable following your arrest or citation.

In addition to the consequences for possession of marijuana on your record forever, Henry County judges can also sentence you to jail time, fines, probation, community service and a conviction can lead to a suspension of your driver's license. The license suspension can result even if there is no driving or motor vehicles involved. Talk to an Henry County marijuana defense attorney today.

DUI 30 Day Warning

To avoid suspension of your driver's license, a letter must be sent to the Department of Driver's Services within 30 days of your arrest. If you don't do it, you will lose your driving privilege. Call immediately to assure that your right to drive is protected.

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