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Henry County officers are often quick to write tickets for Hit and Run.  Hit and Run offenses are very serious.  When charged along with a DUI, the Hit and Run can often be more serious than the DUI in that unlike DUI, it is a crime where you consciously made a decision to flee the scene of an accident.  It can lead to your license being suspended without the availability of a limited permit.  It is certainly not a charge to take lightly and a lawyer should be contacted immediately.

The most serious Henry County Hit and Run cases occur when there is an accident and the driver flees the scene of the accident, leaving a hurt person behind.  Often, it takes law enforcement officers some time and detective work to find the driver and this is not a favorable set of circumstances to present to the Henry Co. prosecuting attorneys.  In some instances drivers are charged with Hit and Run for striking a car, lamppost, or fence and then leaving.  While this charge could also fall under the category of failing in your duty to report striking a fixed object, Henry Co. officers are often quick to arrest you for Hit and Run.

If you are facing a Henry County Hit and Run charge, call our lawyers today to see how we can help.  In prior cases, we have worked with the prosecuting attorneys to get this charge amended to a lesser charge that will not suspend your license or have the stigma of a Hit and Run on your driving or criminal history.  We are also trial attorneys and can help you fight your Hit and Run charge at trial.  Call us today for a free consultation as to what may be the best option for your particular set of circumstances.

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