A Closer Look at Accidents and DUI in Henry County

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According to reports from the Georgia Department of Public Safety, there were relatively fewer accidents this past month in Henry County.

There was one large accident that made headlines involving an overturned tractor trailer on I-75 right where it passes below the I-675. As a DUI Lawyer in Henry County, I handle all offenses related to DUI in Henry County.

In today's post, I will focus on how accidents can lead to charges as well as exacerbate penalties if the at fault driver is accused of driving under the influence.

Accidents and DUI in Henry County

If a driver is involved in a car accident, the accident itself can be used to support a DUI charge by showing that the accused driver was less safe to drive depending on the circumstances of the accident. 

The reality is that when an officer is called to the scene of an accident and sees a driver in distress, the officer has legal cause to approach the vehicle and investigate and offer assistance. The officer's primary duty is to aid all distressed drivers.  However while aiding those drivers, the officer can also investigate the cause of the accident. This can obviously lead to a DUI investigation in his search to determine what caused the wreck.

Any traffic violation can be used by the prosecution to show that the driver was less safe to drive and therefore support an accusation of driving under the influence.

However, when an accident is involved, the accused driver is looking at more serious offenses such as:

These types of traffic violations lead to higher consequences if convicted. Penalties for a DUI are intense, and with additional penalties from DUI related offenses, a person is facing some very severe consequences.

Practice Note

With practically every arrest for driving under the influence comes other charges. We are here to help you, so if you have been arrested in Henry County, contact our offices now.

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