New Henry County Road Project Finally Completed

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According to reports, the District 4 commissioner for Henry County, Vivian Thomas, will hold a ceremony celebrating the completion of the extension of Campground Road in McDonough on Monday.

The ceremony will include ribbon cutting along with more celebration. The $13 million project was approved in 2007. However, the four-lane extension did not start until late 2017.

The new roadway continues across Ga Highway 42 and meets the existing portion of Campground Road. There are still barricades on the road that have been there since the start of the construction. And according to local authorities, some motorists have been seen driving on the new road despite the barricades.

As a Henry County DUI Lawyer, I handle cases that actually start with charges related to DUI in Henry County. The news of drivers still driving through barricaded construction zones reminded me of how the simplest and smallest traffic violations can result in serious investigations and thus serious charges. In today's post, I will outline how related offenses and DUI investigations go together.

DUI Related Offenses in Henry County

If a driver has been arrested for DUI, they probably were given other traffic citations or other related charges. 

For example, generally before being charged with a DUI, you were pulled over for some other offense such as speeding, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving, and other Georgia traffic offenses.  Once stopped, the arresting officer may find that the driver's license is suspended or may find him or her in possession of marijuana.

Unless you are found at a DUI Roadblock in Henry County, you are likely to be charged with at least one violation of the traffic laws in Georgia found in Title 40 of the Georgia Criminal Code. There has to be some related offense that is the basis for why you are stopped.  This basis of being stopped is legally referred to as articulable suspicion to stop you.  Articulable suspicion is a lower standard than probable cause to make an arrest.

Practice Note

Just because you violated a traffic law does not mean that there was enough evidence against you to investigate you for driving under the influence.

And just because you have been arrested for DUI along with any related offenses does not mean that you are doomed to a conviction. This is where we step in.

We specialize in DUI Defense which encompasses all different types of crimes. If you or a loved one has been arrested in Henry County, call our offices now. A Henry County DUI Attorney can help you now.

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